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It is the rich scent of the Apulian countryside

The fragrance that has just taken you by the hand and is leading you – barefoot – to an encounter that you will never forget. A little further on, you will find the silvery crown of the centuries-old olive trees, dense green foliage and the evocative shades of the sun. You cannot help but hear the happy song of carefree birds.
 You have already forgotten all the unpleasant thoughts in your head – I'm sure of it.
 This is what happens to me every time I come here for a walk with my children Michele and Francesco, hand in hand...

“I end up getting lost in the ripples of this land that my father has nursed with love and dedication for years”.


I'm Giuseppe Fiorentino and my father is Michele.

His face tells the story of a man who has dedicated himself to the earth; his hands are a testament to a life spent looking after his olive trees. Can you feel this air of freedom, smell this sweet scent and taste the flavor of authenticity? Every time you open one of our bottles of olive oil, you will feel like you are here with us, on an exciting journey that takes you back in time. Who knows – maybe you will think back to when you were a child and used to stroll through the fields with your father or grandfather.


Olive trees are our life. They are the time we have dedicated to this land; they are the dreams with which we paint the future; they are our hands, stained with dark colors and intense aromas.
 It is here, in the middle of the Tavoliere delle Puglie, a plain in Northern Apulia, that my father Michele has dedicated himself to his olive trees for more than 50 years. He observes them, nurtures them and selects them carefully, so that each and every refined bottle is a treasure that beautifies your table and enriches your dishes. Every year, 2,400 olive trees are selected by my father so we can offer you the best Apulian Extra Virgin Olive Oil imaginable.


Over the years, I have chosen to combine the agricultural tradition that my father taught me with the guarantee of the most efficient oil extraction techniques and of the safest conservation methods. This is how a bottle of oil becomes the best bottle of EVOO you could wish for.
 Unscrew the cap and taste the magic of the Apulian land and its centuries-old olive trees in all your dishes. Drop after drop, you will experience an explosion of scents that navigate the delicate balance between bitter and spicy notes.


We are here to offer you an unforgettable journey through the Apulian olive trees, a barefoot journey, because this is the only way to truly feel the earth and take in its scents. A journey encapsulated in an elegant bottle. A journey that you can experience wherever you are.

So enjoy the trip.

Giuseppe Fiorentino

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