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Exclusive extra virgin olive oil for your restaurant.

We are proud to offer you our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, an Apulian product of the highest quality. Every year, we select 2,400 olive trees to produce oil that comes exclusively from our lands and we bottle it in our laboratories.
 The bottle's design is just as exceptional as the velvety, seductive nectar it holds.

The waterproof label guarantees an impeccable presentation at the table.

But there's more. Your customers will better appreciate the excellent products you offer if they are aware of their origins. This is why we train your team. Giuseppe Fiorentino – the company's manager and a qualified olive oil taster at the ONAOO of Imperia, the oldest tasting school in the world – takes care of it personally. Your restaurant is one-of-a-kind, so make sure your EVOO is too!


Why choose our EVOO for your restaurant?

The reputation and image of your restaurant are built on and differentiated by the raw materials with which you choose to satisfy your customers. A top-quality oil enhances the flavors in your dishes, stimulates the sense of smell and pleases the palate.

It is an excellent quality Apulian EVOO
 our cultivation, pressing, conservation and bottling methods guarantee the highest quality for you. Each drop of our oil is an exceptional elixir for the senses.

Cold oil extraction preserves the organoleptic properties
We extract the oil cold, thus guaranteeing the conservation of all its sensory characteristics during the pressing phase.

Oil conservation is controlled
We conserve our oil in a controlled process using food nitrogen. This way, we are able to prevent oxidation of the oil, which can be caused by the oxygen present in the atmosphere. This serves to preserve the scent and flavor of the oil over time.

We select the restaurants to collaborate with
We believe in shared value and in selecting the best, because it allows us to guarantee the excellent quality of our oil. We carefully select the restaurants we work with: our production is reserved for an exclusive market niche.

Design that tells our story
The design of our bottles embodies us perfectly: it exemplifies the excellent quality of our oil, the good taste we bring to the table, and our refined essence. It also epitomizes our attention to detail. Nothing is left to chance. The bottles' elegant silhouette, the refined colors, the waterproof label: our EVOO is the secret ingredient for your dishes and a handsome accessory for your table.

Our Apulian EVOO is produced in limited quantities.

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